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Top-performing managers in the life sciences industry leverage more effective coaching to create a measurable and sustained impact on their people and their businesses. 


Top Coaches Workshop is your team’s introduction to this approach. Using a combination of virtual and small-group learning, we help first-line managers (FLMs) understand the ‘what’ behind effective coaching.


Top Coaches Workshop

What do top-performing managers do differently?

Each Coaching Lab provides practical, real-world opportunities for your managers to engage with the skills and behaviors.

  • Coach to skill support commercial strategy.

  • Create momentum in their coaching with skill development goals.

  • Engage their team members in every aspect of coaching, and

  • Create a coaching “biome” that enhances the focus on skill development.​

​Top Coaches Workshop: Structure

Top Coaches Workshop is comprised of three parts: pre-work, small-group learning, and regional debrief

  • ·Pre-Work: Your managers engage – via video and reading – with Echelon’s latest insights into highly effective coaching

  • Small-group learning: This session – conducted either as one 2½ -hour workshop or two virtual sessions – has three sections, each aligned with one best practice,

  • Regional Debrief: The fourth and final section of the lives at the local/regional level.  We equip second-line leaders with materials to lead a 30-minute debrief on developing and sustaining coaching best practices.

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