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Performance Coaching Labs create a measurable impact on your team’s coaching effectiveness. Each of our four self-paced and individualized learning modules aligns with the skills and behaviors demonstrated by top-performing managers.


Performance Coaching Labs

What do top-performing managers do differently?

Performance Coaching Labs are built to measurably enhance your managers’ competency across four skills and behaviors associated with top performance:

1.) coach to skills that support commercial strategy,

2.) create momentum in their coaching with skill development goals,

3.) engage their team members in every aspect of coaching, and

4.) Create a coaching ‘biome’ that enhances the focus on skill development.

​Coaching Labs: Structure

Each Coaching Lab provides practical, real-world opportunities for your managers to engage with the skills and behaviors.

  • Learn: Self-paced video lessons provide a deep dive into the “how” behind each best practice,

  • Observe: Managers observe a series of video-based role plays highlighting strategic customer engagement skills,

  • Coach: Put your new coaching skills into action through real-world activities including virtual and written coaching

  • Measure: At the end of each Lab, managers received personalized feedback on their virtual and written coaching. Team results are tabulated to gauge progress.  

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