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CoachAlytics™ by Echelon

Whether you’re looking to level-set around what great coaching looks like or move the bell curve to impact performance, CoachAlytics offers a solution for your first-line mangers. Built on 20 years of research, CoachAlytics programs meet your managers where they are when it comes to coaching. 

Moving the Bell Curve

Using our proprietary approach to analysis of written and virtual coaching, we identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth in a needs-based approach to FLM development 

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Top Coaches Workshop​

Small-group learning provides managers with an actionable understanding of what top performing managers in their therapeutic area do differently when it comes to coaching​

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Echelon Coaching Academy​

For commercial leaders, few things are as powerful as a fully-engaged team of first-line managers. Our cutting-edge platform allows you to identify and address developmental needs at the national, regional and individual levels. ​

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Performance Coaching Labs

Performance Coaching Labs feature a combination of self-paced learning, coaching role plays, and feedback for an interactive and measurable approach  ​

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