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in Sales Coaching

There is a 90% correlation between a sales manager's coaching effectiveness and performance. By empowering your sales managers with the AI-tools, skills, and data-driven insights they need to elevate their coaching, we help you unlock your team's full potential.

Our Clients

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by Echelon: 

Our solution for driving measurable and sustained improvements in market share, sales performance, productivity, and more.

CoachAlytics™ Overview

Moving the Bell Curve

Using our proprietary approach to analysis of written and virtual coaching, we identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth in a needs-based approach to FLM development 

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Top Coaches Workshop​

Small-group learning provides managers with an actionable understanding of what top performing managers in their therapeutic area do differently when it comes to coaching​

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Echelon Coaching Academy​

For commercial leaders, few things are as powerful as a fully-engaged team of first-line managers. Our cutting-edge platform allows you to identify and address developmental needs at the national, regional and individual levels. ​

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Performance Coaching Labs

Performance Coaching Labs feature a combination of self-paced learning, coaching role plays, and feedback for an interactive and measurable approach  ​

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Chief Business Officer at Mid-market Pharma

I have known Echelon and the team for over 10 years. Echelon continues to evolve its business model to meet the changing dynamics of our industry. The Echelon team are fantastic partners and trusted advisors.



Senior Area GM, Global Pharma

I cannot think of any company I would rather partner with than Echelon. Echelon's dedication to quality and outstanding work are self-evident. It is my pleasure to recommend Echelon as a consultant and partner.

-L. D.-

Director, Talent Strategy, Biotech

I have partnered with Echelon in several companies and have always been impressed by their practical, results-driven coaching approach. Echelon is a true partner, consistently exceeding my expectations.

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