Most commercial groups require managers to complete an average of eight to 12 FCRs per rep per year. Echelon turns the standard FCR into an engine for brand growth by ensuring the language, structure and input are aligned with the skills and tactics that drive commercial success.


Our research shows that you are better served by tracking and leveraging leading performance indicators (e.g., FLM focus and coaching quality) than traditional lagging metrics such as percentage of time spent in the field and duration of field visit. If your managers are coaching to A, B and C—while sales hinge on D, E and F—we need to align the leading performance indicators and equip your sales teams with the latter.


Effective Coaching extends beyond your sales managers, into and across each level of your company. Echelon is an architect of coaching culture, leaving a lasting imprint on your organization as a whole, including sales performance, employee engagement, accountability and retention.