Is your next commercial investment doomed to be “flavor of the month?”

If your field sales organization is planning to make a strategic commercial investment in the next 12 to 18 months, please take a minute to read this post.

Such initiatives may come in various forms, such as:

  • Some companies are getting ready to launch a new customer engagement platform(think: Challenger Sale);
  • Others might be rolling out new sales competencies or a new CRM;
  • Most already have the dates for their 2018 POAs scheduled while still others will launch new products and new indications.

According to our 10+ years’ of research, the success of any or all of these investments will be greatly enhanced by proactively focusing additional time and developmental resources on one vital group: your first-line sales managers (FLMs).

In fact, it’s safe to say that unless your FLMs are on-board with your strategic initiatives, any investment is doomed to fail.

Why? Because your FLMs are the force-multipliers (or the inhibitors) for any strategic investment. Ask any member of your field team…if his or her manager doesn’t make your new selling model, reprint, and/or brand messaging a priority…it won’t be.

Are You Serving Up “Flavor of the Month?”

Your team can research, develop, and deploy the best sales model, the most well-researched POA messaging, or the latest-and-greatest CRM, but if your FLMs are not ready, willing, and able to devote meaningful coaching to its key components – particularly any new skills and behaviors – the ROI on that investment will flag.

And we know what happens then…Meetings will be held. Numbers will be crunched. Blame will be assigned. But it’ll likely be too late to recapture that initial launch energy. You might find yourself with another “flavor of the month” on your hands. That’s a no-win scenario.

At Echelon, we help commercial teams build a foundation for long-term success, and avoid strategic pitfalls like subpar strategic investments. Not with a new coaching model or program, but by identifying, optimizing and spreading the best coaching practices already scattered among your FLMs.

By mining insights housed in your FCR database, we deliver an actionable and accurate snapshot of current coaching effectiveness – the most important leading indicator when it comes to avoiding “flavor of the month.” We let you know NOW – not post-launch – whether or not your FLMs have the Consistency, Managerial Focus and Coaching Quality to maximize your investment.

We’ll arm you and your leadership with insights you need to address specific gaps in FLM coaching effectiveness and proactively address areas of development in the pre-launch setting.

If your organization is planning a strategic investment in the next 12 months, start here.