Maximizing the Impact of Virtual Coaching

At a time when the entire sales teams are working from home and the access to customers is at a premium, what can training teams do to keep their managers engaged and their salespeople focused?

Organizations must provide field sales managers the tools, skills, and resources they need to engage, develop, and lead their sales teams virtually.

At Echelon, we have developed a new virtual leadership program called Effective Virtual Coaching in conjunction with Proficient Learning to enable organizations to help sales managers meet the following goals:

  • Engage their team in a virtual setting, ?
  • Keep their team focused in a noisy marketplace, ?
  • Brainstorm solutions to pressing needs such as provider access and technology-related issues, and ?
  • Keep customer engagement skills sharp. ?

 Effective Virtual Coaching is comprised of three 60-minute sessions led by a certified virtual facilitator. Ideal for first-line managers (e.g., DMs), it can be heloful for second line managers – such as RDs – as well.

 How to maximize the impact of virtual coaching?

 Session 1: Effective Virtual Coaching ?

In Session 1, your managers will learn to strengthen rapport and build trust – both of which are critical to success in the virtual setting. In addition, managers will develop a technology plan that maximizes their team’s ability to engage customers and reinforce brand strategy while building a clear and consistent virtual meeting agenda that maximizes salesperson engagement. ?

 Session 2: Navigating Access Issues ?

Most sales professionals are working harder than ever to engage their customers. In Session 2, managers learn planning and brainstorming strategies that facilitate their team’s access to customers and other key decision-makers in this challenging sales climate.

 Session 3: Effective Sales Coaching

In Session 3, managers learn a cutting-edge approach to virtual coaching. We work closely with your sales training leaders and brand trainers to ensure that managers have a clear vision of “what good looks like” when it comes to virtual sales conversations and product messaging.

 Each session includes a review of the latest virtual coaching tools and “Take-Aways” designed to facilitate better coaching when your managers need it most – when they’re working with their team.

 Please contact us if you are thinking about exploring virtual coaching for your managers.

 If you need a quick one-pager to discuss with your team, we’ve created one for you. Please click here to download.