We are all about:


From the moment we shake hands in our first meeting, we set a foundation for sustainable improvement in sales and professional development. Our number one goal is to grow your business and your people.


We are tireless in our pursuit of providing your organization with the latest and most impactful insight into coaching and performance.


We are driven by a desire to elevate coaching to the level where it belongs: a strategic imperative and competitive advantage.

Clear Communication

Like a trusted advisor and reliable friend, we will always be honest and open to ensure that every tool and resource we deliver is meaningful, intuitive and of true benefit to your team.

Ed McCarthy, CEO

Over 20 years, Ed McCarthy has established a reputation as an innovative thought leader and subject matter expert in the fields of performance management and coaching. As CEO of Echelon Performance, Ed has partnered with many of the life science industry’s leading manufacturers to articulate and solve their most challenging performance-related issues. He has helped scores of clients make a direct connection between business strategy, results, and the role of the manager. Ed’s clients have experienced measurable and sustained improvements in a variety of business metrics ranging from accountability and leadership to employee engagement, retention of talent and productivity. He holds a Master’s degree from Temple University.

Claire M. Davids, COO/CFO

Claire Davids is an accomplished and engaging global business leader.
Prior to joining Echelon, Claire served as global VP of Operations for i-parcel, a division of UPS. She is recognized as an expert in international logistics and global business operations. As VP of Global Operations at Echelon, Claire oversees all administrative, operational, and financial aspects of the business to ensure an efficient and productive customer experience.

Kim M. Catania, Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Kim leverages her 27+ years in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry to offer a unique approach in the strategic curriculum design, creative development and forward-thinking execution of leadership development programs.  She is an engaging facilitator with an amicable executive presence. Her collaborative approach to gaining understanding of client needs enables her to create tailor-made customized solutions. She has expertise in adapting learning modalities for immersive live training, digital and virtual learning experiences. Kim is proficient in talent development, creating metrics, conducting skill and competency assessments, and coaching.  As a seasoned sales leader, Kim provides a distinctive hands-on style in coaching professionals in a wide range of career levels, from sales specialists to senior leadership levels.

Who We Are